's Awesome Apps

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iBeams (iPhone) Music Visualizer and effects system

iBeams HD (iPad) Music Visualizer and effects system

★★★★★ Wow! This is a spectacular visualizer! The images and movement this generates are incredibly trippy and draw you in like nothing else I've seen to date. Makes me even more overjoyed to have an Ipad!! - Jordan Rudess creator of MorphWiz

★★★★★ -Wow! I have never seen a better visualizer to date, "idevice" or otherwise.

Gravilocity (Universal App) - particle play app

★★★★★Totally Awesome....
Running on an iPad this is seriously psychedelic. I have tried every other visualiser on the iPad and apart from it's bigger brother I-beams this eats them all for breakfast.

★★★★★Best of its genre - This is the best particle manipulating app I've ever come across. It comes with so many different controls and options to play. I'm keeping this and deleting all the other ones.

Photastic (Universal App) Image warping and destruction: